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BeadOnIt Boards
BeadOnIt Boards are made with quality materials (handmade in the USA) & built to last.
  • No more beads on the floor!
  • The borders/bumpers hold the beads from escaping.
The bottom of the boards are skid resistant and the main deck of the board is made with specially selected materials that interact very well with seed beads -- just shimmy the board or run your fingers over top of the beads and they will all settle hole side up! Look to spend more time actually beading as the beads will role up onto your needle easily, you just tip the needle onto the side of the bead, you don't have to aim for the hole to get it on your needle!!

In our effort to always provide the best of materials we are now using FSC-certified, domestically manufactured ANSI HP-1 hardwood plywood featuring soy-based PureBond formaldehyde-free assembly technology. These features ensures the panels are high quality and do not have added urea formaldehyde resins which can emit formaldehyde over time after manufacturing.

FSC is a non-profit organization that advocates responsible management of the world’s forests. It has standards to ensure that forestry is practiced in an environmentally responsible way that takes into account economic viability, and social responsibility.

Actual certification is carried out by independent certification organizations that are accredited by FSC to carry out assessments.These certification specialists also verify that companies seeking to sell FSC certified products have tracked their supply all the way back to FSC certified sources. This entire process ensures that consumers can trust the FSC label.