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Permalac Clear Protective Coating 8ml Bottle

Protect your creative projects and jewelry with of Permalac Clear Protective Coating. 
This 8ml size bottle can be easily applied with a brush-on applicator to metals, glass, coatings, and more, providing protection against the elements and wear. It can be applied as a sealer or top coat, protecting it from UV, salt air, sweat, and other environmental corrosives. With its state-of-the-art UV and corrosion inhibitors, Permalac assures endurance in harshest conditions ranging from arctic freezing to beachfront salt air. In comparison testing, it outperformed all well-known exterior lacquers. Once applied, users can count on six to ten years of service or more before re-coating is required. Permalac dries quickly to a virtually indestructible finish in less than an hour. It is also compliant with most government regulations for interior use lacquer products. Protect your custom pieces with Permalac Clear Protective Coating - shop now!