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Monthly Free 8x11 Contest Rules

Do you want a FREE 8x11 BeadOnItBoard? If the answer is "Yes, please!" simply enter your email address below and voilá! You are entered for a chance each month to receive an 8x11 BeadOnIt Board gratis!  


What are the nitty-gritty details?

By entering your email, you agree to receive occasional emails from BeadOnItBoards.com. We try not to spam you, just send you emails about new fabrics, improvements, or even better - SALES!! You can unsubscribe at anytime, however, you must be a current email subscriber to win. But why would you want to unsubscribe when you would be the first to know about great new BeadOnItBoards?!

Who is eligible to win?

The monthly free 8x11 BeadOnIt Board is open to U.S. residents 18 years or older who are current email subscribers to BeadOnIt Boards' email lists. Corporations, wholesalers, employees, or past winners will not be considered to win. Purchase is not necessary to be chosen as the lucky recipient of an 8x11 BeadOnIt Board. And of course, this contest is void where prohibited (aka: where governments and municipalities don't like free stuff) 

How winners are chosen?

On or about the 2nd of every month, a winner for the previous month will be chosen by random number generator. If your name is on the line of the corresponding numbered row of the freshly exported email list (and you still like reading our witty emails and have not unsubscribed), you have won! Because we respect the privacy of our email subscribers, we will not at any time share or publish the list of entrants.

YAY! I won, now what?

You will be contacted by email to confirm your name, address, and name of first born (just kidding about the first born). We will also ask you pesky things like, can we use your first name and location on social media for shameless promotion of this contest. Then the fulfillment team will grab your handmade board from inventory, wrap it up (without a bow, sorry), and mail it to your confirmed address via the United States Postal Service.

Is this real? Where can I find out about past winners?

We will share a post to our Facebook page announcing the winner. We will also update the pop-up by which you may have signed-up (but sometimes we forget, so don't take it out on the poor customer satisfaction team if this happens). 

Who sponsors this contest?

Why BeadOnIt Boards, of course!  If you saw this on social media via post, share, advertisement, or any other means, those social media sites do not condone, sponsor, nor guarantee anything about this contest, m'kay? Also, if you clicked through via an affiliate link (those awesome people who help promote BeadOnIt Boards), they also have nothing to do with choosing the winner, providing the boards, or customer service in anyway.

What are my chances of winning?

Who knows.  The email list changes daily and we don't have a mathematician on staff to figure the odds. But to put it in perspective, you have a better chance of winning a free BeadOnIt Board than the lottery right now. This contest is set to run through December 2023, however, it can expire (or be extended) at anytime without warning or notice. Also these rules could be amended at anytime, again, without warning or notice.

Have more questions?

Email info@beadonitboards.com and we'd be happy to help!