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Bead On It Boards - Size 6x11" Rectangle

Design like a pro with these BeadOnIt Boards!  This is a perfect starter size board.  It is small enough to take anywhere, but large enough to still fit and work on medium sized projects in comfort.

  • The base fabric helps your beads to pop hole-up to thread beads easily
  • The soft velvet bumper provides comfort for wrists, hands, and arms AND prevents your beads from rolling away
  • Created with premium materials for many years of life for jewelry-designers
  • Rounded corners help to prevent thread from catching on corners
  • Wide variety of colors and styles available with new fabrics released seasonally

    Proudly handmade in The United States
Bumper Color
Embroidered Garden
Mermaid's Tale
Slice of Life
5 O'Clock Somewhere
Stars and Stripes
Rose Garden
Sea Turtles
Sea Swirl
Rainbow Hexagon
Black Paisley
Mendhi Flowers
Golden Geometric
Royal Purple
Vintage Winter Woods
Surface Color
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