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BeadVac Handheld Cordless Bead Vacuum

  • Wrangle Your Beads With Ease - With the cordless BeadVac, clean up is a breeze. Vacuum your beads in a matter of seconds so you can spend more time beading and less time cleaning up from a project. With the brush and corner attachments, beads and small pieces wont stand a chance at getting stuck in corners and creases.
  • Take Your BeadVac Anywhere - This battery-powered vacuum is perfect to take with you wherever you need. Whether your beading on-the-go, at home, or with friends, your BeadVac will always be ready with it's long lasting battery! When the battery runs low, just plug in the USB cable to recharge.
  • Easy to Clean and Empty - With the washable wire mesh pre-filter and foam mesh filters, dirt, dust, and other unwanted particles stay trapped so your beads wont get dirty as you vacuum. An extra foam mesh filter is included for convenience. It's easy to empty the reservoir with a single twist.
  • Cleans Up Most Sizes of Beads - Without the pre-filter you can vacuum up to 12mm beads and with the pre-filter you can vacuum up to 9mm beads. With the included attachments and a rechargeable battery, you can put the suction right where you need it!
  • Powerful Suction For All Projects - The Beadvac doesn't have to be for just beads, it can tackle any mess you throw at it. Whether its beads, crumbs, dust, or small bits of paper, BeadVac is the right tool for the job with all the accessories you need.